eMail-Signatures to vCards

The issue: "Keeping my Address-Book up-to-date is such a hassle"

- Lynn



"Often, I get eMails from people I meet with their signature in it, but then I have to type them in again into my address-book by hand since no-one seems to attach their vCard to their eMails.


This gets even worse, when I use my Mobile-Phone or my iPad when being on the road. Switching between eMail & the Address-Book on the small screen with 'Copy & Paste' for every single field in the address-book is such a pain."



The solution - (vCards made easy!)


Registration for


Using is really easy:

  • Enter your name & eMail-address and confirm the Data Protection Policy
  • will send you a confirmation-eMail
  • Save the attached vCard to your address-book to make sure's future mails are not classified as spam
  • Confirm your registration by clicking on the respective link in the confirmation eMail
  • Congratulations: You're done!




Generate a vCard from an eMail signature

  • Simply forward any eMail containing a signature (as is) to ''
  • If you wish, put your colleagues or friends in cc when sending the eMail to
  • will return the respective person's vCard by eMail (and also to your colleagues and friends if you put them in cc.)
  • Add the vCard to yyour address-book


Generate a vCard by eMail

  • Open a new and empty eMail
  • Type in a person, title, organisation, address and contact information (1 information per line) or copy from website, document etc.
  • Send this eMail to (no subject required)
  • will return the respective person's vCard by eMail


Multiple eMail accounts

  • supports multiple eMail accounts
  • simply register every eMail account separately with your name and eMail address
  • this helps you keep every account separated from the other (e.g. business or private)
  • will always reply to the eMail address you used for sending the request



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