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Do you store any of my eMails or my vCards on your servers?


No, all the eMails that you send to vicarda and all the vCards that we generate are deleted immediately. Nothing remains on our servers.

vicarda did not process my eMails signature - why?


Signatures are difficult ;-), so we have trained the vicarda-algorithm on many, many signatures. Still, there is always room for improvement. If your signature is not extracted correctly, pls. send us an eMail with the original eMail and vicarda's answer or vCard. We will then re-train our vicarda-algorithm.

What happens if I put my colleagues in cc when sending an eMail to upload(at)vicarda.com?


Vicarda will send the generated vCard not only to you, but also to your friends - to make their life easier as well.

Do I have to download an App for vicarda?


No, vicarda is a webservice. You do not have to download anything - just register with your eMail address and you can use vicarda from every device that has an eMail client - be it an iPhone, Android-Phone, your desktop-PC, a Tablet (iPad, Android and Windows), a laptop, ...

Does vicarda only work with an iPhone?


No, vicarda is a webservice. Vicarda works with every device that has an eMail client - be it an iPhone, Android-Phone, your desktop-PC, a Tablet (iPad, Android and Windows), a laptop, ...

How long does the processing of vCards take?


Vicarda.com is quick. Usually, you should get your vCard within less than a minute. Sometimes, due to internet-speeds and depending on your location, it might take a bit longer.

How do I get the attached vCard into my address-book?


Depending on the system you are using, pls. do the following

Outlook on the PC/Mac: Double-click on the attached vCard-file to open it. When you close it, it is automatically saved to Outlook's address-book

  • Apple Mail: Click on the attached vCard-file to open Apple's address-book Then press "Save & Close". The vCard is added to your address-book.
  • Thunderbird: Double-click the person-icon at the bottom of the eMail. A new contact will open. Check and press ‘OK’.
  • iPhone/iPad: Simply tap on the attached vCard-file and add it to your iPhone's address-book.
  • Android-Phone/Tablet: Save the vCard to your SD-card, then import it from the SD-Card’s folder to your address-book.
  • Blackberry: Simply open the attachment. Click the Blackberry’s menu button and select ‘Add to Contacts’.
  • Windows Phone: Similar to Outlook on your PC.

Why should I add vicarda's contact-data to my address-book?


In order to avoid that vicarda's eMails containing the requested vCard are moved to your spam-folder, add vicarda.com to your address-book.

I received a registration-eMail from vicarda.com but didn't register - what should I do?


Vicarda.com has a two-step process to make sure that other people are not registring with your eMail-address. So, if you received a registration-eMail and didn't sign up, just ignore it. If you do not confirm the registration via the link in the eMail within 7 days, you data will be deleted.

I received a vCard from vicarda.com but didn't request one - what did happen?


Vicarda.com allows your colleagues to send you vCards by putting you in cc when requesting a vCard for themselves. Only registered users are able to put you in cc.

I have multiple eMail-accounts - how does vicarda.com handle it?


Simply register every eMail account separately with your name and eMail address. This helps you keep every account separated from the other (e.g. business or private). Vicarda.com will always reply to the eMail address you used for sending the request.

What happens if the eMail I forward contains multiple signatures?


vicarda.com extracts the signature which belongs to the person you received the eMail from.

Will vicarda.com be troubled with my own signature when forwarding the eMail to upload@vicarda.com?


No, vicarda.com ignores your own signature when forwarding the eMail to our service.

More questions?

Please let us know at info(at)vicarda.de or via
www.vicarda.com/support-feedback and we are sure we will be able to assist you.

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