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Adresses and eMail are serious business - and complicated!


With a plethora of devices, eMail-accounts and an increasing need for addresses in all walks of life, we would like to shed a bit of light on adresses, eMail and vCards in this blog.






Transfer contacts to smartphones

People tend to replace their mobile phones every 18 to 24 months. Still, manually entering the contacts into a new phone is a real hassle.


Read this article on eHow what other alternatives exist.





2012 is now present on LinkedIn

We have just added to DSP-Partner's list of products. You may find it here on LinkedIn.






Tools for creating vCards online

Creating vCards online is necessary if you do not have an eMail- or Addressbook-Client, since most eMail-Webservices do not support exporting single contacts.


Here is an overview of relevant services for creating contact-files online

For more information on how to operate these services take a look at Christina Shaffer's article here.


P.S. If you have the contact-details embedded as a signature in an eMail, it might be efficient to use








How to deal with business cards?

An interesting article on techcrunch about how to deal with exchanging contact information when meeting new people.


Gregory Ferenstein from Techcrunch proposes to simply send an eMail to the person you just met to transmit your contact information. And with you will be able to transform this signature-information into a vCard for your address-book easily.


Other methods include

  • using a biz-card scanner App like ScanBizCards (which works very well) or Cardmunch (which unfortunately is not available in the German AppStore)
  • reminding yourself via eMail App boomerang for gmail
  • using QR-codes (use for example kaywa to create one) on your business-card
  • Hello-app from Evernote w/ facial recognition
  • The bump-App for direct Exchange from Phone-to-Phone
  • "Send contact" on iPhone

So, as people are different, also different forms of transmitting contact details evolve.







Keeping the address-book up-to-date

Everyone knows the problem: How to keep the address-book up-to-date?


In today's connected world, everyone is getting to know more and more people. Be it in business or in our private lives, the number of people we are interacting is increasing daily. But it is difficult to keep track of all these contacts. For example, here are the average numbers of contacts for every member on

  • Facebook: 120
  • XING: 133 (German article)

And there is one thing that makes it even more difficult: Although most networks allow for the download of a user's connections as vCards, these are not complete in most cases and lack such information as Office Phone number, Fax, Company URL, Cellphone-number or address.


So, in most cases the best source for complete addresses (especially in business) are the people's eMail signatures.



Bringing eMail signatures into the address-book is a real hassle since it has to be done manually.

  • In Outlook on the PC or with Apple Mail one has to copy the eMail signature field-by-field into the respective format of an Outlook or Apple contact (= vCard). Although that works and is done million-fold each day, it is a tidous and slow process
  • On a mobile phone (iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone) it is almost impossible since it involves switching between the Mail and Address-Book application back and forth for each field in the vCard - which is almost undoable


There is a solution for it

  • makes this process as easy as possible by providing a webservice which is transforming eMail-signatures automatically into vCards.
  • It works with every eMail-programm, on every device and with every eMail-provider
  • It does not require to download software or an App
  • It even automatically extracts the signature information from the eMail so one does not need to cut out the signature
  • So, the process is really simple
  • register for
    (free, only name and eMail address required)
  • add vicarda's vCard to your address-book
  •  forward any eMail that contains contact information
    (= eMail signature) to
  • returns an eMail with a vCard that is automatically generated from the eMail signature
  • None of the eMails sent to vicarda or vCards generated by vicarda are stored on vicarda's servers - they are deleted immediately
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How many eMail addresses do people have?

With social-media being all the rage, we tend to underestimate eMail just a little bit.


So, here are some interesting facts about eMail

  • Growth in eMail accounts 2011-2015: 7% p.a.
  • Average number of eMail accounts per person: c. 3
  • Largest eMail provider: Hotmail w/ c. 360m users