How to deal with business cards?

An interesting article on techcrunch about how to deal with exchanging contact information when meeting new people.


Gregory Ferenstein from Techcrunch proposes to simply send an eMail to the person you just met to transmit your contact information. And with you will be able to transform this signature-information into a vCard for your address-book easily.


Other methods include

  • using a biz-card scanner App like ScanBizCards (which works very well) or Cardmunch (which unfortunately is not available in the German AppStore)
  • reminding yourself via eMail App boomerang for gmail
  • using QR-codes (use for example kaywa to create one) on your business-card
  • Hello-app from Evernote w/ facial recognition
  • The bump-App for direct Exchange from Phone-to-Phone
  • "Send contact" on iPhone

So, as people are different, also different forms of transmitting contact details evolve.


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