Welcome to vicarda - vCards made easy!

vicarda.com processes eMail-signatures, contact data and contact details to vCards by simply forwarding the respective eMail with the contact-information to our webservice.

With vicarda.com, things are easy


  • just forward the complete eMail (or the signature part
    = contact-details only) to 'upload@vicarda.com'

  • immediately, vicarda.com will return a perfect vCard by eMail that you can store in your address-book

  • and all this is absolutely free


And vicarda.com works with any eMail-Client, with any device (Tablet, Mobile Phone, PC, Laptop, ...) and with any eMail-provider (googlemail, GMail, Yahoo! mail, AOL mail, Microsoft Hotmail, T-Online eMail, freenet eMail, Web.de, GMX, corporate/company eMail accounts, ...).

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